Your Body Your Diet Review – Your Body Your Diet A Complete Program By Gabriella Bernini

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  1. I purchased your whole program on Saturday, February 9, 2013. I paid for this in full with my credit
    card, but my computer did not copy everything. I got ” The Fat Storage Roadmap, Your Body your
    Diet Guide, Progress Tracker and The Metabolism Q & A. My electricity went off and when I was able
    to restart my computer, I had lost the last books. One was on salads and one was on desserts and
    I can’t remember what the other book was about. I wonder if, someone could email or fax them to
    me. My fax is 440 247 3321 and email is Thank you, Kathy Suglia

    • Hello Katherine,
      You can go ahead to contact the address below to get your problem resolved now.
      Sincerely sorry for any inconveniences.

      Call us:
      Monday through Friday
      8 am to 4 pm Eastern Time

      Your Body Your Diet
      10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #11180
      Houston, TX 77043


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