How to Build a Treehouse Book Review

How to build a treehouse book that will guide you to build the best treehouse in every way. If you have a child, you want to leave the most beautiful memories to him or her. Looking back at our childhood, our best memories are built by our parents. The provincial camping adventure with your father, planting vegetables in the back garden, the cakes you make with your mother, the efforts of your parents to learn how to swim, holding the bike with you to teach you cycling, these are all precious memories which created by you parents.

the tree house book download
the tree house book download

Being a parent is the hardest and most beautiful profession in the world. If you have a child, you can better understand what I’m talking about right now. So what would it be like to build a treehouse with your child? Building a memory with your loved ones is precious. This review will help you to get to know about treehouse book.

Designs of the Treehouse

Designs of a treehouse may depends on the size of the place. Although most treehouses are small, treehouses can both big and small. There are many small or little bigger tree houses to build. The key factors of treehouses are plans and the design. While building threehouses, you need to have plans about what you need and want. The plans of the treehouse is very important. You need to consider your budget firstly. Do you want to build your treehouse small or little bigger? Inside of the treehouse, what you think about the design? Design of the small treehouse may be cute and minimal. Design of the bigger treehouse may be more fresh. It contains 2 room in general. The plain of the one is for bedroom. The other one is for kitchen and sitting room. There are also larger treehouses. In the larger treehouses, there may be 3 or more room with super design. You will learn more about designs and plans of treehouses in the book.

Tree houses that decorate children’s dreams also appear in geographies where wood materials are widely used. There are also some tricks of the tree houses, which you can build for the whole family to live in or just for the fun of your children. Everything you need to know about building treehouses in the book.

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How to Build a Tree House

So how do you build this tree house? I would like to share a few important details with you before proceeding to the tree house construction stages. There are many types of trees for treehouse construction. It is useful to choose the most durable wood species from these. You can especially choose pine tree, beech and oak trees.

It is necessary to use a healthy, solid and correct tree for tree house construction. Beech, maple, fir and oak trees are among the most suitable tree species for the treehouse. The fact that the trees, which have a strong structure, have strong roots, will provide a good foundation for the tree house. You will find all the information about trees houses in this online book.

Communicating with local authorities about whether you should get permission from the municipality for the treehouse before starting the treehouse construction will prevent possible problems that you will experience in the future.

There may be a tree under protection in your garden, and meeting with your neighbors living around the tree house will prevent some complaints. For example, a neighbor who thinks he will spoil his view may not want you to make a tree house. At this point, you can either plan to house another hardwood or come up with an alternative idea.

If you have determined the most suitable hardwood for the treehouse, now it is time to decide what kind of treehouse you want. For a 3 × 3 meter tree house to standards, the minimum hardwood trunk diameter should be 30 cm. You can measure the trunk of the tree using tape measure. Then you can find the diameter by dividing it by the number pi to 3.14. You should determine how to settle for the base of the hardwood house according to the leaves and branches of the hardwood. You should be able to see which parts you need to cut, and leave the necessary spaces in the hardwood. You need to determine the thickness of the beams that will provide support according to the condition of the hardwood and the platform you will build. Sometimes you can find environments that you can build with two trees.

Treehouse Build Book & Michael Prest Pros

Building a tree house book is very easy to understand. One can understand easily the sThe information is very helpful and practical. You will chose the best tree house to build. You can build your own treehouse in a few days not in months or years. The price of the book is very affordable, you will save both your time and money. You do not harm nature and environment. You have 7 free trial days. There is a narrative style supported with videos and pictures. You will have good memories with your child when you build together, you will give him very precious memories of the treehouse. Everything you need to know about building a treehouse in the book. It will not only help you about building, but also help you about designs. There are many videos and pictures can be examples about treehouses designs.

Treehouse Build Book Cons

After paying and purchasing the fee, it may request a fee again in the coming months. It requests your credit card information to use the 7-day free trial. They are online books so you will not receive any books. You will read the books online. If you encounter any problem while building your house, there is no customer service you can call. The only helper is the guide book. You need to consider building a house by yourself.

Comparing to the Other Books

If I compare to the other books, it is cheaper and includes easier steps. I examined other books, some of them are video and visually insufficient. Although other books are expensive, their content is complicated. The houses that were built are very simple and incomplete through the guide of other books. The houses that are built through the guide of book is more aesthetic.


Almost everyone is trying to escape to nature in every space it makes available. Because nature makes us rest, thinks about the level of stress, opens up perceptions and nourishes our soul. So why not integrate your living space with nature? Another question that resonates in the minds of how to build tree houses. If you want to give your child a good moment, you can examine this tree houses building product. Everything you need to know about treehouse in the book. You will have many video explanations and photos that may inspire you about the designs. Building a treehouse is not easy by yourself, however it will be easier with the book.


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