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Text chemistry review, Text chemistry is a cheeky program which is written by famous author Amy North. This program teaches women how to gain men heart with messages. No matter which level of your relationship, you can use these text tips from at the beginning of the flirting, even if you break up and you want your ex back. In these pandemic period, everything has stopped except for love.

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While thinking at home, you can install the program and stop thinking. Text messages maybe seem not important than real life experiences. However, technology is in our relationships as it is in everywhere. To understand men can be confusing. However, with the help of love life expert Amy North, you can understand the most confusing text of them. She is the best selling author about relationship. Text chemistry program reviews will guide you in this rode.

A health relationship is the thing that every woman desires. Women tends to make sure their relationship is real and long term. However, It is hard to make the text chemistry. Amy North provides women to make sure about their relationship with text chemistry program. We will both mention its bad and good. Here, you will find text chemistry real reviews.

What is The Text Chemistry?

The Text Chemistry review is a popular program designed by the best selling author Amy North. There is a text chemistry book in digital portal with 13 videos and 3 bonus programs. It includes many methods and secrets about flirting and dating.

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chemistry text book review

In addition, it provides you to know about yourself, what you want from a relationship, your needs and desires. It can also contribute to your self-confidence. It is kind of program aimed to help women get men’s heart easily. At the beginning of the love stage is possible to be hard. The most important thing is understanding each other and behave like that. Right communication, choosing the right words, approaching way and so much more are given in the program.

Men’s psychology and women’s psychology are quite different. If you want to build a good relationship first, you need to understand their psychology. The program provide you to understand their brains by using very simple and effective way.

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text chemistry examples amy north

About Amy North – The Dating and Relationship Coach

Amy North is a professional relationship coach from Canada. She created two useful system “Text Chemistry” and “The Devotion System”. She has also a YouTube channel that she help lost of people. The both program are quite beneficial to women in the dating world.

text chemistry amy north examples
who is amy north

She says finding love can be a problem for women in these days however it is not impossible. If you want to understand his confusing text or If he ghosts you and if you are in break up period, you can get your ex back. Human feeling is changeable by the people behaviors.For example, let’s think about someone you did not want so close to be, then his behavior somehow getting nice and attractive to you. So you started to think he can be attracted for you.

Did the person changed? Did the way that you look him change? Or both changed? You will find all the answers in the text chemistry. Text chemistry is her last work that includes 3 other digital book. Amy warns that when the subject is the person we are with or want to be, we analyze the messages we receive and send, and we try to make sense of every word. So, you, be careful to be clear in every texting. Be sure to check out this guide program that will help you a lot. There are many text chemistry texts examples in the book.

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How Does The Text Chemistry Works?

To make the program work, you just need to internet. Once you download the program, you will be able to benefit of the text chemistry reviews. There are many example of text messages and many info about how to write a text message.

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Simply, it provides you with texting make your man fall into you, building a healthy relationship, and it has many example text messages to make your crush to love you back and take.

Chemistry program includes 13 videos which is full of information and methods and three E-books. The Phone Game E-book, Why Men Leave E-Book and Quality Men on Tinder E-Book. If you regret about the program or if it is not work, you can get your money back.

What You Will Find Inside The Text Chemistry?

You will find 13 video series about text messages and three E-book which are The Phone Game E-book, Why Men Leave E-Book and Quality Men on Tinder E-Book. The videos tell you what to do in a very clear way. Let’s take a look at those three bonuses. You have money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.

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The Phone Game E Book

The phone game E-Book is related to talk to a man on the phone. Researches say that man can be easily attracted women voice on the phone. It causes from their insights. They have your voice but they do not have your visual. Men are more interested in mysterious things. With this, feelings of curiosity arise. It makes you desirable. The Phone Game E-Book guides you in this way.

Why Men Leave E Book

Why Men Leave E-Book explains a ghost man or your ex’s confusing behaviors. Why they choose to leave you and why they are disappear. Most importantly, it helps you to understand if he is a good man for you to fight for. If not, you do not have to run in circles.

Quality Men on Tinder E Book

Quality Men on Tinder E-Book is a guide for you to choose right man. You do not choose a partner of your life without quality of his personality. If he is missing manners, if he do not respect you, your decisions, your family, you can not be in a relationship with him. It helps you not to waste your precious time with an childish boy. Including some tricks and hacks, you will be able to aware of the right person.

What Can You Learn From The Text Chemistry?

There is numerous thing you can benefit from the chemistry program. Main thing is your communication improvement via text messages. We are in a completely different period of time. In the technological world, sometimes you cannot build some important things in real life, but you have text messages to make your man like you or even fall into you. When a man ignore your text messages, what should you do as a response, when he reply to you short message.

text chemistry program reviews
text achemistry program reviews

Some Tips from Text Chemistry

I have compiled some important examples for you from this program.

If you are going to commitment a text to the person you like, there are some things to consider. First of all, you should be clear in your commitment. So you should feel that you see him as a beloved candidate, not as a friend. You should also leave the date options open when you come to him with a suggestion. For example, “I discovered a great restaurant. I would definitely like to take you there whenever possible, what do you think? ” You can choose a text in its logic.

After the first meeting, if you had a nice meeting, you should tell him by text without waiting too long. This will show him that you feel the same things and will open the doors for the next meeting. Just make sure that the text you send after the first meeting is not dry. Have an anecdote in your message from your dating. For example, “I had a great evening. As I think of it, I still laugh at that … joke.” You can choose a sentence like.

After not good first meeting, if your meeting has gone bad for a variety of reasons and you need another chance to meet him, be honest with him. Explain that the meeting did not go the way you wanted and there could be much better. For example, “Our meeting yesterday did not go as far as I planned. I owe you a much more enjoyable meal. Would you give me one more chance?” Even if it sounds like a loser text at first glance, if the other person likes you, he will appreciate your honesty and say yes to you.

How do you make a guy obsessed over text

After hanging out with your co-worker whom you like, love at work is both exciting and dangerous. If you are not sure about the feelings of the other person, you need to be to be cautious. No need to rush either, as you will probably see him again the next day, or at worst, in two days. If you hang out with your colleague after work, you can send him a message like “I had a good time, let’s repeat it sometime” or “We should do this more often, I had a lot of fun”.

text chemistry
amy north text chemistry

Early in the relationship, Amy implies that every text sent at the beginning of the relevance excites the other. So it is always a great idea to customize an ordinary “Good morning” message or to send a text that will make him smile during the day! For example, text like “I keep thinking about you” or “I count every seconds till the pandemic over and I can see you” are just for you.

After the first kiss, Amy says that many people give a lot of meaning and sense to the first kiss. Well, after all, the first kiss is always remembered. On the other hand, after every first kiss, many people think the same thing: “I wonder how I was? Does he like it too?” For these reasons, the text sent after the first kiss should be at least as special as the first kiss.

The most important point here is that the text you will send is romantic and sincere and does not sound kinky! For example, never write a text like “I love your taste”!Instead, “I can’t stop thinking about your lips” or “I still can’t get out of your lips!” You can choose a text like!

After first meeting with friends or family, if your lover introduces you to his family or friends, it is an indication that you have come to an important place in the relationship. Everyone wants their lover to get along well with their friends and family and love them. So everything you text to him after this meeting is very important. First, you should thank him for introducing you to them and then you should show that you love them very much. For example, “I had a very good time last night. Your friends / family are so sweet and fun. Just like you!” A message in this style will make him very happy! Yes, this is the text chemistry.

After a meeting or a kiss that you think was a mistake,Amy says that if you understand that you do not like him or have experienced an unexpected and thoughtless rapprochement while you are drunk, you should immediately and clearly explain your feelings to the other person. Do not e glow, you do not want to him to like you or leave a wrong image on it.

What is the devotion sequence?

Please be careful to be respectful and considerate while doing this. For example, “Sorry about last night, I don’t want to give you a wrong idea. Your friendship is very mean to me.” You can send a message in the meaning of. But whatever you do, don not send messages that stay in the air! Be clear!

On a special day, Whether it’s a holiday, Christmas or a birthday. If you like someone, you should be very careful about the message you will send to him on any special day! Your message should definitely be special to him and make him feel special. If you are going to add him to your texting list, you can forget about something romantic between you. If you add his name in the message while writing this type of messages, you can make him feel special.

When you need to apologize, Amy says that if you have made a mistake or neglected him for various reasons, you should first try to call him instead of texting to him. However, if you do not dare to call him and do not know what will be his reaction, you can of course apply for a good apology message.

What you need to pay attention to in this type of message is to be sincere and open. Write in the message why you are acting like that and regret it. “I am aware that I have not acted like myself for a few days because I was not really myself because of the problems I had with my boss. I am so sorry for reflecting this difficult period to you. I need you more than ever.” texting like that will melt the fat of your heart!

These are just a few texting of the many recommendations that love expert Amy North gave for you.

The Text Chemistry Bonuses

Inside of the program, you have (3) E-Book beside of The Text Chemistry. The Text Chemistry contains 13 videos which are very clear to understand. We have so much time at home, it is really helpful on these corona virus days. You can just take a cup of tea and chilling with your text chemistry. It is not only help you about text chemistry example but also gain confidence. You are going to know yourself better.

You will not be missing confident or running for a man. You will be desirable and powerful women with the help of Amy North. Long-term experience of Amy North will enlighten and relax you on this path. This woman, who helps many women every year, is now with you. If you do not like the chemistry, you can get your money back in 60 days. In official website the price is $49.95.

Can you feel chemistry over text messages?

Is it possible to feel chemistry in the text messages? It is possible that you have this question in your mind. Everyone has a time to flirt with the text message. The current feeling of excitement and belonging is called message chemistry. In the text chemistry your partner excites you and you want to be together. There have been times when you felt the text chemistry. You are going to feel the power of satellite text Amy North.

Who Should Use Text Chemistry?

If you think your current relationship is boring and about to end. If you left the person you loved or he left you. If you could not get a commitment from your crush. If your lover loses his interest from you. How can you communicate the person you by text message. If you want to find the right person for you.

Does the devotion system work?

Yes, it does. We can understand that it works from user comments. The people who applied the message techniques expressed that they were very satisfied. Comments show that it works positively.

Is It Easy to Understand Men?

It is a good question, isn’t it? In studies performed so far, it has been demonstrated that the brains of men work simpler than women. Understanding these simplest thinking beings is actually not that difficult. However, scientists come across that women had difficulty in understanding men in every surveys.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the relationship guide texting chemistry.

What is important about Texting?

Probably you wonder what is important while texting. The fact that texting is so much in our lives has brought a new aspect to the relationship. Now, the beginning of the relations, quotes and commitments are actualized by messaging. The conversation of two people without seeing each other is called texting.

This conversation they make without seeing each other is full of excitement. The power of words is more than you think. Texting with someone can be more meaningful and joyful than come across someone on the road. But the biggest problem with texting is how nobody really plays this game exactly.

The Text Chemistry Pros

It proves the accuracy of the book with psychological and scientific evidence. The program benefits are all the facts We spend a lot of time at home because of the virus, messaging is now number one in our activities. You learn messaging techniques. You realize what you want and increase your self-confidence. By simply messaging, you can raise your image and get the man you like. The price is affordable. It is amount worth to get your man and a lot of information.It has Iron-clad money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product within 60 days, your money will be refunded. Click-bank is one of the most reliable online transfer banks in the world.

The Text Chemistry Cons

The first one, The language used can be over intimate and fun. The language is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone wants to show their feelings in this regard or e glow the partner. Second one, Not everyone prefers to plan and prefer rules in love. There may be many people who believe in fate and luck.

The other one is that it is a manipulating program. This program manipulates men in a way. And the last one, there is only E-book version. You cannot read in any other way than digital media because you cannot find it as a book.


It is easy to read the relationship program text chemistry. With Text Amy, you will understand men psychology better. You will understand that men are very simple and how you should act. Choosing the right husband and life partner is not easy. But it is not impossible either.

The program actually tells you how to apply what you know. Dating coach Amy help you to find your dream partner. Using the program will not lose you anything because your money will be refunded if it does not work. You will experience the power of texting should never be underestimated.

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